Gather together and chant the Holy Name!

Kirtan Mela 2018

The next Kirtan Mela is February 13-17, 2018

What happens at a Kirtan mela?

Special arrangements are made to facilitate the blossoming of our latent attachment to holy name mantra chanting. We are dealing with the most powerful weapon against illusion. Yearly the mela takes place in holy Mayapur about 3 weeks prior to Gaur Purnima as part of the festival. In Mayapur, all spiritual activities are enhanced thousands of times while offenses are overlooked. Expect miracles. Witnessing is encouraged but participation is a must for attainment of the desired goal.
There is:
  • Special setting with the kirtaniyas, not conducive to performance but sharing in the bliss of chanting
  • 12 hrs a day prayerful kirtan
  • Participants are encouraged to chant for 8 hours a day minimum
  • Kirtanyas are encouraged to speak a few realized words on meditative chanting before starting to sing. They are not only expected to lead us in chanting but also in our realizations and spiritual growth.
  • Continual serving of refreshments to avoid complete interruption of kirtan.
  • Mayapur Kirtan Mela is a unique opportunity to chant many consecutive hours with our leaders.

See you there, happy chanting!!!


History of Kirtan Mela

Once, in a holy place in the forest of Naimisāranya, great sages headed by the sage Śaunaka assembled to perform a great thousand-year sacrifice for the satisfaction of the Lord and His devotees.

The great sages are always anxious to do good to the people in general, and as such the sages headed by Śaunaka and others assembled at this holy place of Naimisāranya with a program of performing a great and continuous chain of sacrificial ceremonies. Forgetful men do not know the right path for peace and prosperity. However, the sages know it well, and therefore for the good of all men they are always anxious to perform acts which may bring about peace in the world. They are sincere friends to all living entities, and at the risk of great personal inconvenience they are always engaged in the service of the Lord for the good of all people… … In this age, the congregational chanting of the holy names of the Lord is the prescribed method for waking up. The ways and means are most scientifically presented by Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, and intelligent persons may take advantage of His teachings in order to bring about real peace and prosperity. – SB 1.1.4 (purport)

In the same mood, modern sages, vaisnava followers of Srila Prabhupada gather for a akanda (non-stop) kirtan, in hope of bringing real peace and prosperity to the world having pleased the Lord by chanting his Names. Thousands of devotees committed to a minimum of 8 hours a day of chanting, thereby creating an atmosphere that is better felt than described. There are an additional 15,000 to 20,000 views on Mayapur.TV daily, often with over 1200 viewers at one time, many using the chat to express both their chanting and their joy. It was an ecstatic experience that keeps many awake transcending their respective time zones.

From an first initiative in Mayapur by HH Tamal Krishna Goswmai, followed years later by a Kirtan Mela in Germany, Kirtan Melas have been organized in different parts of the world, the largest being in Mayapur WB India, the World Kirtan Capital, the birth place of Sankirtan.