Kirtan education in Sridham Mayapur

Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu
the yuga dharma

– Harinam Sankirtan –

Following the annual Gaur Purnima Kirtan Mela’s popularity, we wondered what would be the best way to serve the devotees – by assiting them in deepening their chanting, increasing their attraction and attachment to the holy name. It was concluded by our team that that the following 3 points would greatly complement each other towards better chanting.

  • Education on the glories of the Holy Name
  • Immersion in hearing the pastimes of Krishna
  • Practical music training

Having this in mind we launched Kirtan Academy in Sridham Mayapur in December 2013.

The spirit of the academy is one of “living education”. Practice, and application of the philosophy, are important parts of the curriculum.

Our team of teachers

KIRTAN ACADEMY 2018 / 2019

November 24th 2018 – January 18th 2019 

Kirtan Academy outreach

HG Yasomati Mataji

  • June 21-24 Harinam Cintamani seminar in Surat Gujarat
  • June 25-27 Surat home programs
  • June 28-30 Panchkula
  • July 1st Chandigarh kirtan program
  • Sept 18-20th Kuala Lumpur
  • Sept 21st-24th Kirtan Utsav Mumbay
  • Sept 25-27 Improving kirtan standards seminar, Mumbay
  • Sept 28-Oct 1st Nepal vaisnava retreat
  • Oct. 2-10th Nepal tour