Kirtan Foundation is organized to support the kirtan projects in Mayapur, as well as outreach programs.

Currently we are funding Kirtan Village and we need:

  • 200 to become Prayojana members at Rs 5,000, €75 or $100/month for 5 years
  • 1000 to become Abhidheya members at Rs 1,000, €15 or $20/month for 5 years
  • 2000 to become Sambandha members at Rs 500, €8 or $10/month for 5 years

Sambandha members are entitled to 3-5 day retreat a year as guests at the retreat center, Abhideya members for 3-5 day retreat twice a year and Prayojana members for 3-5 day retreat four times a year, to be taken together or separate for the duration of their membership. All are subject to availability and prior booking of course. Retreats are on-going in borrowed or temporary structures until facilities are completed. With your help, we are planning to complete Phase one by 2018 and full project completion by 2022.