Srila Prabhupada once said that in order to listen to the mantra we need to be very devoted to our Spiritual Master. The one who really dedicated oneself to the service of the Spiritual Master is able to listen to the mantra while chanting it.

When I read this statement of Srila Prabhupada it came deep into my heart and I began meditating on it…What is the connection between the quality of japa and dedication to guru? What does dedication to guru give us?

If we serve someone we become attached to this person. The same happens in the relations with Guru. Guru is connected to Krishna, and he makes connection between Krishna and us as well. Krishna is the Holy Name. So Guru puts Krishna into our heart in the form of the Holy Name. The heart is then flooded with the mercy of Guru and the Holy Name.

This mercy reveals the Holy Name, It becomes very beautiful, to chant It and to listen to It is a real pleasure. Our devotion to Guru and our efforts in proper chanting of japa are needed for that.

So, I wish everyone successful japa.