Message from Sacinandana Swami

snsThe following prayers help us to connect with the Holy Name
and thus are highly effective to help us chant with sambandha.

You may choose to use them from time to time, or you may just continue to chant ‘Sri Krishna Caitanya Prabhu Nityananda …’  before each round, as you are probably doing it already. The reason for share these prayers is to help you become more aware of what you are doing when you chant and thus connect more and more the divine personalities whose names you chant (Sri Sri Radha and Krishna).

Wishing you all the best and lots of spiritual strength,
Sacinandana Swami

Prayer 1)

Meditation on the Personality of Krishna, who is identical with His Holy Name

tribhaìga-bhaìgima-rupam venu-randhra-karancitam
gopi-mandala-madhya-stham sobhitam nanda-nandanam

In a three-fold bending form, his fingers curled over the holes of the flute, standing in a circle of gopis is the beautiful son of Nanda.

Prayer 2)

To be recited on taking the mala.

avighnam kuru male tvam hari-näma-japeñu ca
sri radha-krishnayor dasyam dehi male tu prarthaye

O mala, I implore you, free my harinama-japa from obstacles, grant me service to Radha and Krishna!

Prayer 3)

Glorifying the Holy Name

nama cintamani-rupam namaiva parama gatih
namnah parataram nasti tasmn nama upasmahe

The name is like a divine touchstone. The name alone is the supreme means of success. There is nothing higher than the name. Therefore we worship the name.

Prayer 4)

Dedicating the Nama japa

nama-yajno maha-yajnah kalau kalmasa-nasanam
krishna-caitanya-prityarthe nama-yajna-samarpanam

The sacrifice to the name, the great sacrifice destroys the sins of the age of kali. For the pleasure of Sri Krishna Caitanya this sacrifice of the name is dedicated.

Prayer 5)

Concluding japa

patita-pavana nama nistaraya naradhamam
radha-krishna-svarupaya caitanyaya namo namah

O name, O savior of the fallen please deliver this lowest of man. To you who have the same nature as Radha and Krishna and to Caitanya I bow again and again!

Prayer 6)

Concluding prayer to the mala.

tvam male sarva-devanam sarva-siddhi-prada mata
tena satyena me siddhim dehi matar namo ‘stu te

You, O Mala, we know as the bestower of all perfections to all the gods. Thus verily bestow perfection unto me. O mother, obeisances to you!